Black monobloc

The outdoor monobloc combines the two passions of Italians: the grill and the pizza.
The two cooking elements side by side work independently.
It is made of 2 mm thick aluminized steel.

Grill, lateral shelves, brazier for the pizza oven not included.

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  • Monobloc consisting of one fireplace and one pizza oven.

  • Monobloc made using 2 mm thick aluminized steel.

  • Covered with refractory material 30 mm thickness

  • Adjustable feet

  • Front fireplace protection

  • Fireplace brazier


  • Custom fireplace height, on request

  • Lateral shelves

  • Grid

  • Kitchen set

  • Pizza oven brazier

  • Cooking Set Pizza

  • Marble top for pizza

Additional information

Weight 490 kg
Dimensions 980 × 2140 × 2630 mm
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